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We met in 1992 and were both wounded by failed marriages so we sure had a lot in common. We enjoyed each other company and it was like we always know each other.  In our search to find a priest or pastor to marry us, we were offered a Bible study that changed our life forever. The Word of God was relevant to us, it was very good news, how that God loves us so much that He robed Himself in flesh to come to earth then die a cruel death, taking every mistakes of the human race on Him, that is Jesus


All we needed to do was to accept God’s love, ask for forgiveness for our mistakes, our misbehaviours and choices that were out of God’s will and make the right decisions that were pleasing to God. When we did this, God forgave us and crafted us into His precious family.


We have been married now for 23 years and nothing will ever be better than a transparent and trusting life in God eyes.  The blessings of following God’s Spirit are clearly written in the Bible. It is love, joy, peace patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control.  Galatians 5:16-17

It’s with great privilege  and honor that we are leading the Family Pentecostal Church into God’s will and purpose for this beautiful Chaleur region. As we are thankful for what the Lord has done in the past years; it’s also with great anticipation and expectation that we believe God to reach beyond our four walls and impact our communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is nothing more beautiful than to see how Jesus is able to heal the broken hearted, deliver the captive, give peace to the oppressed and bring life, hope and joy into a life.  Come and see what God has done… His awesome deeds for mankind! (Psalm 66:5). Add Jesus in your life, and you’ll never be the same.  Come and join us, as we go back to Jesus in worship, in word and in life!



C'est avec un grand privilège et honneur que nous menons l'Église Pentecôtiste Familiale dans la volonté et le dessein de Dieu pour cette belle région Chaleur. Comme nous sommes reconnaissants pour ce que le 


Assistant Pastor / Pasteur Adjoint 

Seigneur a fait dans le passé; c'est aussi avec beaucoup d'anticipations et d'attentes que nous croyons Dieu pour atteindre au-delà de nos quatres murs et impacter nos communautés avec l'Évangile de Jésus-Christ. Il n'y a rien de plus formidable que de voir comment Jésus est capable de guérir les coeurs brisés, de délivrer et donner la paix à l'opprimé. Il apporte la vie, l'espoir et la joie dans les vies. Venez voir ce que Dieu a fait... ses prodiges pour l'humanité! Psaume 66:5. Ajouter Jésus à votre vie, et vous ne serez jamais le même. Vener nous rejoindre, comme nous retournons à Jésus dans l'adoration, la parole et dans la vie!

Notre Équipe Ministère


We have contentment in our hearts, knowing that we are in God’s will. In all   modesty it is a privilege to serve and assist in supporting and nurturing the goals of the church. God make us an example in service for the believers and a rock for our pastor.

“Moses‘ hands were heavy, and they took a stone and put it under him…”Exodus 17:12

You are welcome to our Church! Come and taste the goodness of the Lord!

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